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Paleolithic and Mediterranean Diets Show Greatest Impact on QoL, Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis (Neurology Live, 11/1/22)

thumbnail, Villa and Tu, Int Med Research Day

October 11, 2022 - Medical Students Aneli Villa and Betty Tu present their findings at the 2022 Internal Medicine Research Day (click image for for large view)

Terry Wahls receives $2.5 million to study effects of diet on multiple sclerosis (University of Iowa Health Care News, 3/7/22)

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Wahls Elimination Diet Reduces Fatigue and Improves Quality of Life for MS Patients (, 9/12/20)

Newly diagnosed MS patients needed for clinical trial testing efficacy of diet, lifestyle change (The Loop - University of Iowa Health Care, 6/1/20)

Small Study Finds that a Diet that Improves Cholesterol Levels May Reduce MS-Related Fatigue (National MS Society, 8/16/19)

Vegetable-rich Wahls diet lowers fatigue in multiple sclerosis patients by raising good cholesterol (University of Buffalo, 8/15/19)

Dr. Terry Wahls Talks About A New Study Involving Multiple Sclerosis (, 1/26/19)


National MS Society and University of Iowa Launch $1 Million Clinical Trial to Test Dietary Approaches to Treating Fatigue in MS (National MS Society, 8/24/16)

UI researcher gets $1 million grant to study MS diets (, 8/24/16)

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Wahls Lab wins FIRST PLACE in Science Thursdays - Sidewalk Chalk Contest August 2016
Congratulations to the Wahls Lab for winning First Place in both the Creativity and Clarify of Scientific Principle or Process categories for their drawing of the Dietary Approaches to Treating MS-Related Fatigue Study!



Modified Paleo vs. Ketogenic Diet Clinical Trial, Brandon Beaber MD


Dr. Wahls appears on various podcasts to increase visibility of the team's current clinical trial, Efficacy of Diet on Quality of Life in MS

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